15 things i suck at.

Posted: August 21, 2009 in life

i love social media. i love the fact that when i get to my 10 year high school reunion, i already know what everyone is doing. i love that i can see pictures of them, know where they work, where they hang out and, thanks to twitter and facebook, i know everything awesome that is happening in their lives.

that said, this new form of ‘networking’ is making us look like we all have it going for us. sure, i love to twitter that my wife and i are on a date, traveling, cooking for friends, shopping, etc – and i’m not taking away from that. but i want you to know that my life isn’t like that all the time. it’s important to stay humble and remember that no one is perfect.

so, since this blog will mostly be about what’s awesome in my life, here are 15 things about me that suck.

1. i don’t spend enough time with God.
2. i have too much pride – thus making this blog extremely hard for me.
3. i judge people really quickly. i need to work on giving grace.
4. i’m terrified of heights.
5. i never pick up after myself at home. it’s bad.
6. my task list at work takes priority over a lot in my life.
7. i’m not sure if i want children. seems like a lot of work. see #6. and #5.
8. i have an extremely high standard for those around me.
9. i failed at working with our youth group. see #6.
10. i hate working out.
11. i haven’t done a load of laundry in over 4 years.
12. i hardly ever floss.
13. i have lost the lid to 9 travel mugs.
14. i am always late. always.
15. i almost always forget to send birthday cards. in fact, i typically call family members a day late to wish them a happy birthday.

there you have it. i’m not perfect and i never will be. what are some things you suck at?

  1. Jason says:

    I love this. You got me thinking… and of course I’m gonna write about it too. One day.

    The idea that we have it all together is insane but based on what we “share” in these networks allows us to control what people see… I don’t write about stuff that sucks in my life. I don’t write about the grass being tall and my neighbors being annoyed… the fact that eat cereal all the time cause I’m too lazy to cook… that’s not glorious.

    Good stuff there Stepp.

    Oh yeah, Madden 10 on the 360 will change your life and they just dropped the price. 🙂

  2. Todd says:

    Bro, you did NOT fail at working with the youth group! Better knock that list down to 14 things you suck at. I’ll give you most of them, but definitely not #9!

  3. […] is one of those completely vulnerable posts that I write like once a year – see 15 Things I Suck At (also, thanks to my Uncle Tim for pointing out that #16 should also be grammar for not titling the […]

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