thoughts on the titans first game

Posted: September 12, 2009 in Uncategorized

I’m on the plane from the ville to orlando and I’ve got nothing but time…so here are my thoughts after the titans first game:

•Defensive line looks TOUGH! DL doesn’t look like they’ll miss haynesworth – who got paid and will probably start taking plays off…
•Kenny Britt looked good. First game jitters will disappear…hopefully.
•Bo Scaife injury could be rough. Kerry relies on his big TE. (side note: if jared cook can get healthy, he could easily fill this gap)
•the titans will miss Jim Schwartz. The defense played great right up until the last two drives. Please, please, PLEASE use the quickness of tulloch and bullock when thinking about the pass defense. why there was no pressure on Rothlisberger on the last drive is beyond me.

Overall, it was a slugfest and it says a lot that big ben said the defense was knocking people around like the ravens. That’s a complement for sure. I wasn’t expecting a win so I’m happy they kept the game close.

lastly, why is the overtime sudden-death coin flip now a controversy? Isn’t that why it’s called sudden-death? yeesh.


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