sports weekends 2009

Posted: September 23, 2009 in Uncategorized

about a month ago i was lucky enough to spend the weekend in atlanta with a few of my best brohams.  all five of us grew mustaches, shared a sketchy hotel room, watched a few braves games and ate a lot of varsity chili dogs. seriously – a lot. it was a blast.

don’t trust these cats.

this past weekend was the second installment of sports/dude weekend. i got invited by a few of tara’s coworkers to watch the cardinals/cubs game saturday afternoon. cards won on a walk-off – couldn’t get much better than watching the cubs lose (except that we got free tickets and we were just a handful of rows behind the cards dugout).

after just a few hours of sleep we packed up the jeep and headed to lp field to tailgate before the titans home opener. we teamed up with a few tailgating pros and ate like champs. the titans lost, and we weren’t happy about it, but it was a blast. maybe next time.

tailgating with the pros

what did you do this weekend?


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