the power of social media.

Posted: October 29, 2009 in Uncategorized


i’ve said it many times – i’m a social media wannabe. i love that i twittered about a new record today and got a call from my buddy brandon in los angeles asking me the details. i coordinated a call with my good friend jason on twitter today instead of texting his phone. it’s easy, it’s cheap and messages spread like wildfire.

case in point: nicole white.

ms. white has a blog that gets average traffic and has absolutely zero appeal to me since it’s mostly about motherhood. however, when she wrote this blog – tsa agents took my son (there are a few f-bombs) she stirred the pot.

if you didn’t read her blog, then i’ll summarize like this: going through security at the airport in atlanta, she set off the alarm with her toddler. she had 45 minutes to catch her flight but the tsa took their sweet time, snatched her child away – out of her sight – and nearly made her miss her flight.

and then there’s this: tsa’s video from the airport clearly showing none of what ms. white describes.

so, to make a short story long, she totally exaggerated the entire story. and through social media, even the tsa heard about it. she lied about having only 45 minutes to catch her flight. she lied about having her child snatched from her and out of her sight. to which her response was that of someone who knows they’ve been caught but have too much pride to admit it:

“in the video, it looks as though my son is playing happily in his stroller while i am being searched with a wand. obviously this is the big discrepancy with my story, since he was not in my sight at that time, and one that i too am thoroughly looking into.”

um…what exactly is there to look into?

crazy. so watch what you say on your blog or twitter. or better yet, if you’re really mad at something/someone, cool down for a bit before you explode for the whole world to see. chances are you will remember the details better 🙂

  1. J-Rizzy says:

    What a dope.

    On another note – why did it take TSA so long to search her?! Seems to me that if a search is required it should be immediate. God forbid she actually had a weapon…

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