This is why I love Twitter…

Posted: November 18, 2009 in social media


Do you use Twitter? If you don’t, here’s why you should…

This week has made being a Twitterer awesome. I scored tickets to the Preds game thanks to Buddy at @PredsOnTheGlass, won a life-sized CJ Spiller poster for my buddy Jason thanks to The Tennessean and resolved a dispute with Hertz over a charge that shouldn’t have been posted to my American Express.

Obviously the best part of this is getting my money back from Hertz. It was a very minor dispute (they charged us for not filling up the car before we dropped it off) but instead of calling their 1-800 customer service line, I sent out a tweet publicly thanking Hertz for the fee which would be disputed. Within 4 minutes, they responded saying they would call me immediately to rectify the situation.


That’s quicker than me finding their 800 number and actually getting ahold of someone!

Which brings me to this: Twitter is going to revolutionize business. Most directly, customer service.

Think about it – we have access to a major amount of knowledge on the internet, but Twitter brings us instant personal experience from the people we trust. If someone I know Twitters not to use a certain product, not only do I know about their experience, everyone that follows them knows too. Sure beats the old way of waiting until you see that person to tell them about your experience…

Want to know how your company/organization/band/team/tv show/movie/fill in the blank is doing? Use the search on Twitter and find out. Instantly.

Is Twitter ‘the next big thing’? Who knows. I’m sure someone, somewhere has an idea spawning that will blow Twitter out of the water. There will always be something better, cooler and easier to use. Remember how awesome MySpace was?


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