Would You Fight For Your Country?

Posted: January 24, 2010 in life, up for debate
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I’m a huge history buff. So when my buddy Josh asked if I was interested in watching the DVD set of Band of Brothers, I immediately was stoked. So far we’ve watched the first 8 of the 10 DVDs in the series and I’m hooked. The series is done very well – directed by Tom Hanks and Steven Speilberg – and is extremely detailed. Also very graphic – but that’s war, right?

The best part of each episode is right at the start – it begins with interviews from the soldiers who were there. First hand accounts, memories and details from the very guys who were on the front lines. Each character in the film portrays an actual soldier who fought – so it’s amazing to see these guys recall their stories.

What really shook me to the core was seeing these heroes (I’m calling them heroes from now on, because they are) talk with precision about little things like freezing in Bastogne or jumping from planes in France. Then they would just stop and put their heads down. It’s hard to watch a hero get emotional.

These same heroes told stories of men in their hometowns who so badly wanted to join the military but couldn’t fight in the war for one reason or another. Several of them killed themselves because they weren’t able to fight for their country.

They killed themselves because they couldn’t fight in the war.

I could go on and on and on about this series, about these heroes and mostly about their bravery. What kills me is that our country really doesn’t seem to carry the pride it carried nearly 70 years ago. Sure, when 9-11 happened we had our generation’s heroes step forward and start fighting. But I don’t recall seeing any stories about people not being able to fight and being so angry that they couldn’t help that they took their own lives.

Which ultimately leads me to this – would you fight for your country? Would you give up all the comforts that these heroes fought so bravely for? Would you leave your family, friends, job, warm bed, tv, xbox, tivo, iphone, etc to fight for all those things?

  1. Tara says:

    Great post. Something we should all think about. I think we daily forget that men and women have died for the freedoms we enjoy.

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