College Basketball Is NOT Little League

Posted: March 14, 2010 in sports
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March Madness Baby!

All this talk about the NCAA expanding the national championship field to 95 teams is crazy.

First off, why should teams like North Carolina (16-16), Texas Tech (17-15, sorry Chuck) or Illinois (19-14) be rewarded by an invitation into the most prestigious basketball tournament when their teams this year are average at best? Who wants to watch average basketball? Not me. Teams like Vermont and Richmond are ecstatic to be playing in this tournament. They may be average, but they earned their right to still be playing.

Secondly, at what point do we need to stop treating everyone like we’re in Little League? Expanding into a 95-team tournament is essentially like advertising a job and then feeling bad that you can only hire the right person, so you hire everyone. Sports is about teaching you life’s lessons, not proving everyone’s a winner.


  1. chuckazooloo says:

    i agree, Texas Tech sucked it up this year. thanks for pointing out we had a better record than the defending NCAA champs however. i think 65 teams is too many. it should be 32 and there should be a playoff tourney for D-1 football too. did Mizzou make it in?

  2. toddstepp says:

    Mizzou is in – they play Bradford’s Clemson Tigers.

    My only issue with taking the tourney down to 32 teams is that you miss out on those upsets of 12s over 5s, etc.

  3. Christiana Rush says:

    Although college basketball is CLEARLY my area of expertise, I actually don’t have a comment on this one.

    So instead I will inform you that every time I open your blog and see your title, I finish it with “bloo.”

    As in bliggity, bloggity, bloo.

    (I am such a girl.)

  4. This is a non-sequitur… but it must be said.

    I hate it when people think that an American college team should represent the USA at basketball at the Olympics.

    That makes about as much sense and lowering the legal drinking age to combat teenage pregnancy.

  5. toddstepp says:

    Christi – that made me laugh out loud!

    Matty Smalls – couldn’t agree more.

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