Immigration in Arizona

Posted: April 24, 2010 in life, up for debate
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I am all for second chances. I’m all for better opportunities. I’m all for restarting your life. I’m also for this country being a land full of migrants who come to the U.S. to become citizens who pay taxes and help better our country. I truly believe this is the greatest country on earth and I want others to be able to experience the chances and life that I have as a citizen.

A new law just passed in Arizona that will give law enforcement the ability to arrest and detain illegal immigrants. Arizona currently has 460,000 immigrants – that’s a stack of taxes that the state and country are not collecting. If an American doesn’t pay their taxes, they go to jail – why shouldn’t illegal immigrants be treated the same?

I’ve just seen the reports on this from the surface, but if well over half of the state is in favor of this bill, why would President Obama and many others be calling this bill irresponsible?

Educate me here.

  1. Jonas says:

    They’re worried that it’ll lead to profiling. I’m sure it will in some cases. I haven’t read the whole bill, but the best case for me is for them to be able to send illegals back if they’ve been arrested for something else, but not to just stop someone in the grocery store and ask for papers. I think they should run checks on anyone who is arrested to make sure they’re legal, but you just can’t go around making people show papers for no reason.

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  3. Marques Stewart says:

    Have to agree with Jonas, the folks who are against this are primarily against it for the racial profiling aspect of it. While the intent of the law is worthwhile (sending illegal immigrants back), the execution is not very good.

    The two main things Arizona should do is fortify their border with Mexico better to decrease illegal immigration and if an illegal immigrant commits any sort of illegal infraction, they are sent back home to Mexico. That might be less polarizing then doing racial profiling.

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