Checking off my bucket list

Posted: May 17, 2010 in life, sports
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MLB Trip 2010

I just got home from a sleepless 4 day trip around the Midwest visiting a few MLB ballparks.

One of the top priorities on my bucket list is watching a game at every Major League park and luckily I have some great friends with the same goal. Over the weekend we hit Wrigley Field in Chicago, Miller Park in Milwaukee and The Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati.

It was cool to go from the historic Wrigley where there’s no jumbotron or electronic scoreboard, to the state of the art Miller Park where the entire roof is retractable.

I still have 22 more parks to visit before I can actually check this off of my list 🙂

What’s on your bucket list?

  1. chuckazooloo says:

    so if you come down and stay with me, we can hit the two in TX. i can probably score free tix to the Rangers as i have an inside source. Astros tickets are easy. they suck so bad you can buy them at the gate.

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