I Freakin’ Love Summer

Posted: June 21, 2010 in family, life
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It’s gonna be 99º degrees tomorrow and I love it.

Summer always reminds me of growing up in Missouri. Even when it’s 100º, I’ll roll down the windows in the car and crank up the country music. Yeah, I know, you’re making fun of me but I don’t mind.

Growing up, my parents ran fireworks tents. We spent countless hours organizing stock on semi trailers and inside tents, rounding up high school kids to help us carry boxes, playing Rummikub in the mornings while there weren’t customers and spending tons of time with friends. All in the beautiful, humid heat of Southwest Missouri. I loved every second.

We even made up crazy games like taking bets on how many American flag t-shirts we would see in a day. The catch was, each time we saw a rebel flag, our American flag tally went back to zero.

It was the highlight of my summers and every time I see fireworks tents go up I secretly get a little jealous.

So, to help me get over the fact that I can’t be out in the heat, go see my parents. Seriously. There’s a Google Map below of where they’ll be hanging out. Tell them I sent you and I guarantee you they’ll give you the family discount.

Also, tell them I wish I was there.

  1. micah says:

    Todd Stepp-

    I love you…and I love the SW(EEEE)MO!!!! 🙂


  2. Ashley Boswell says:

    This is so true! Summers in Ozark, being in high school were some of the happiest times ever! Great post!

  3. Todd Pack says:

    I like the American flag/rebel flag game. That’s something that could really catch on.

  4. toddstepp says:

    HA! We had a LOT of free time 🙂

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