Mark Zuckerberg: The Evil Genius

Posted: September 24, 2010 in business, life, social media
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Mark ZuckerbergAs The Social Network counts down to it’s theatrical release next Friday, Mark Zuckerberg’s people have decided the best possible PR would be for Mr. Zuckerberg (Mr? Who am I kidding, he’s younger than I am… ) to donate $100 million to an educational platform called Startup:Education. Perfect timing right? He may have terrible PR skills, but I think this is a great move.

Zuckernerd is an evil genius. He’s worth an estimated $6.9 billion. And, for you aspiring-to-be-savvy business folks, he doesn’t mind stepping on people on his way to the top. He turned down both Microsoft and AOL right out of high school to attend Harvard. Only really smart people and morons do that.

The guy’s also paid out millions to the 4 dudes who said he stole the idea of Facebook from them. Only a genius could say ‘I’m worth $6.9 billion and instead of splitting my wealth of 4 guys, I’ll just pay them a few million to get them off my back.’ It’s hard to imagine he didn’t steal at least part of the idea, knowing he paid these guys that much cash.

As a business-minded dude, I admire Zuckerberg. As someone with morals though, I’m not sure I admire Zuckerberg. What say you?

  1. Suz says:

    I agree!! I feel like there’s no way he would have given them that much money if he hadn’t used at least some of their ideas.

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