PFC Turk Seelye

That’s what my friend Turk Seelye calls it.

The Great War.

He can call it whatever he wants. He is a hero who nearly lost his life fighting to keep our nation the home of the free. And, because of honorable men just like him, the home of the brave.

69 years ago today, we were forced into the great war when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. Check out the radio broadcast (hat tip to JB) and imagine yourself as a young man listening intently and gearing up to enlist.

Talk about a life decision.

That’s what continues to make this country the greatest nation on the planet. Guys like Turk Seelye and the thousands of other men so absolutely selfless they’d fight anyone to protect what’s right.

Have a relative that fought in a WWII – or any combat for that matter? Call them and thank them. Shake their hand. They don’t want to be called heroes, but they’ll soak up your appreciation.

It’s somewhat of a coincidence that Julian Assange was arrested today – although somehow not for his connection in releasing confidential information via WikiLeaks. He was arrested for rape. Makes me wonder what would’ve happened to this moron if he would’ve released information during the 40’s or 50’s… Jimmy Hoffa, anyone?

  1. Tara says:

    Such a great post. Reminds me, we should take Turk something for Christmas! 🙂

  2. Matt Manes says:

    Great post man! Pretty sure I wouldn’t have had half the guts to do what some of these men have. Thanks for the reminder.

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