2010 Recap

Posted: December 14, 2010 in cool
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I know that 2010 isn’t over yet, but here are the key things that stood out to me this year:

Lady Gaga's meat dress

*Chilean Miners.
*Conan O’Brien.
*Tiger Woods.
*Toyota Prius.
*Arizona’s Immigration Law.
*LeBron James.
*Michael Vick.
*The Double Rainbow.
*The Facebook movie.
*The iPad.
*Toy Story 3.
*Mystery Missile.
*Ground Zero Mosque.
*George Steinbrenner died.
*Angry Birds.
*Terry Jones.
*Charlie Sheen.
*The Nearly-Perfect Game.
*The 5 No-Hitters.
*Antoine Dodson.
*The TSA.
*Swine Flu.
*Longest tennis match ever.
*Pants on the ground.
*Lost ended.
*The Old Spice Guy.
*Betty White

What stood out to you this year?

  1. Rebekah says:

    Dude… you didn’t even watch LOST. Stop trying to be cool.

    PS – I think you’d look great in that dress pictured above.

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