Was Justice Served?

Posted: July 5, 2011 in life
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Casey Anthony


I love to argue. It’s probably a weakness of mine. OK, it is a weakness. I’m the guy who plays the devil’s advocate and encourages a debate. My wife hates it. I mean, she REALLY hates it. Like, couldn’t talk to me on chat after the verdict was read. She’s going to hate this blog post, but I think we all need to talk this one out.

So, using that as my disclaimer, here are my thoughts:

I truly think most people are judging Casey Anthony based on the fact that this story tugs at your heart. Most of us are emotionally attached to this case and just want to see someone pay for this little girl’s death. Let’s remember that what most of us saw on the news was an emotionless Casey Anthony, a girl who partied too much and the death of her beautiful little girl.  What we didn’t see was any evidence of a woman who killed her child.

Don’t get me wrong here, I think the woman is tied to her child’s death somehow. Somehow. Whether she killed her child and covered it up, or the child really did die accidentally and the mom freaked out, we may never know. We do know she’s not fit to be a parent, which unfortunately, isn’t a crime (although I wish it were).

Casey did lie to police which is a misdemeanor. She’ll be sentenced for those 4 counts later this week. How can she lie to the police about the death of her daughter and STILL not be found guilty of murder? The woman obviously has issues – a little over a week ago, her defense attorney filed a motion as to whether or not she was “competent to proceed in the trial”.

Sure, her parents left the court room early. Why jump to conclusions on why they left early? Don’t assume it’s because they weren’t happy. How could they be happy about anything? Maybe they requested to be escorted out to avoid the media. Maybe their emotions were running so high that they needed out right then. Either way, don’t focus on them leaving early.

I think most of us had our minds made up after watching the first glimpse of the Caylee Anthony story on news outlets like The Today Show. After seeing a few updates about the case, I was right there with you. But, looking back on the reporting, I don’t remember The Today Show mentioning anything about evidence lacking. All I remember ever seeing were pictures of Casey Anthony partying, the pictures of Casey showing zero emotion and then story after story about Casey’s statements to police after her child not turning up after being reported missing a month earlier.

What I didn’t factor in at the time was how these shows must keep their viewership – and I get that. In fact, I haven’t seen any news outlet agree with the innocent verdict. Kind of makes you wonder why the public wants Casey Anthony’s head.

Need more convincing that the media is playing you? Nancy Grace’s comment after the not guilty verdict was read was, “while the defense has their champagne toast, the devil is dancing tonight”.

Like I mentioned, I think she’s involved in this and that’s really sad. No matter the outcome, the worst part of this is that a beautiful little girl’s life was taken far too soon.

What are your thoughts on the verdict?

  1. Tim says:

    Like I told Tra, if she was on trial for bad, suspicious or callouses behavior, she would have been convicted. Apparently, a jury, who heard all of the evidence, didn’t think poor judgement equals murder. I don’t know if she did it and have watched very, very little coverage of this mess so my viewpoint is very high level and uninformed. I have a feeling most of the people who are currently shouting loudly weren’t much more invested in this than me.

  2. DearPaul says:

    I really couldn’t have said it better myself.

  3. Amber Elkins says:

    I’m a little late on this, but I agree that there wasn’t enough evidence to convict her. I still think she had something to do with it and possibly/probably did kill her little girl, but the prosecution didn’t do its job and PROVE that she did it. And now, if they do find evidence in the future that proves that she did it, she can’t be tried for it again because she was already found not guilty.

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