I Have A Question

Posted: July 14, 2011 in life
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What do you do?

What do you do for a living?

I have friends who are mailmen, teachers, work in the food industry, drive trucks, build websites and so on.

So tell me: what do you do? And if you’re feeling funky, why do you do it?

  1. Math Manes says:

    I’m a student going back to school to become a high school teacher, so I can help make a difference in young kids lives.

  2. Amber Elkins says:

    Right now I do medical transcription from home, because when I first had my kids I didn’t want to have to leave them for 8-10 hours a day to work, but couldn’t afford to just be a stay-at-home-mom. Now, I am going back to school for nursing with the goal of being a CNM (nurse midwife) eventually.

  3. Keith says:

    I work at Facebook as a local business consultant. My team’s focus is getting businesses using our ad products and developing local partnerships for the latest start-up, Facebook Deals, currently in 5 test markets.

    Why do I do it? It feels great to be part of a young company that has already changed the world so much and that will continue to change the world in ways no one has yet imagined. One of our mottos: “We are 1% done.”

  4. tex says:

    im a security gaurd and a song writer slash rapper

  5. I sell recruiting and compliance software to college sports teams and athletic departments. I do it to pay bills. Going back to school to get my masters in education to become a guidance counselor at an urban school

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