Rediscovering America

Posted: July 15, 2011 in life
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I love history. I love seeing an abandoned building then closing my eyes and picturing that building as a hub of the city. I try to convince my wife to stop in Cairo, IL every time we drive through so I can snap a few new pictures of what once was a thriving town.

When I think of Route 66, I imagine families loaded into a station wagon with their big suitcases on top. I imagine dads with maps sprawled out to be bigger than the cab of the car. I imagine kids singing songs and drinking Cokes from the glass bottles. I imagine Americana. I imagine our country at it’s finest. I imagine the AM radio and the windows rolled down. And, sadly, I imagine of my generation never knowing those things.

My friend, Christian, is an amazing photographer. He’s also a history buff. Christian is taking a trip across Route 66 to capture the essence of the Mother Road as she sits today. The cool thing about Christian’s idea though is that he plans to roll the windows down and take in the trip as if he were living it back in its prime – suitcases on top of the car, coffee breaks at the local diner, Coke from the glass bottle and maps the size of a Prius.

The trip is, as he says, “equal parts discovery, adventure, and introspective-it’s a sleepover at a complete strangers house, spontaneous side trip, follow your heart road trip. We’re traveling the Mother Road as it was meant to be done.  Just our cameras, conversation, and companionship.   We hope to turn back the clock to a time when this country was full of dreamers and inspire it to become that once again.”

This where we all come in. He needs our help in this. Christian wants to raise the money for the trip, but also give generously back to all those who invest. He’s started a kickstarter project that you can visit here. You can also follow him on Twitter (@ChristianGideon & @is_route66_dead) to get the latest updates on the project. If you’re interested in learning about the trip or any details, I know he’d be more than happy to chat with you.

Now, go invest 🙂


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