Ghostwriters Gone Wild

Posted: September 22, 2011 in social media
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This morning the Twittersphere woke up to one of their Guru’s accounts being hacked. It wasn’t pretty.

Apparently Mark Davidson is an Internet Sales and Marketing Professional. Mark is a leader in the industry and often speaks at conferences or has writings featured in prominent places that inform us how to use social media, blogging and many other web-based things (see the full list of his work here).

He’s posted over 50,000 tweets, so he obviously has something to say, right? And he has over 56,000 people following – he must be really important! Actually…

Mark had 3 ghostwriters posting messages on Twitter for him. One of the writers was fired on Wednesday but Mark didn’t change his password. Here is what ensued (start from the bottom and read up):

Mark Davidson TwitterIn reality, people of influence often have someone helping them write or schedule posts. It’s impersonal, but it happens. If Mark’s away on a speaking engagement, he may not have time to post a new article from Mashable or TechCrunch, but his ghostwriter will have the ability to step in and create a post.

The only reason this is news to me is because of the way Mr. Davidson responded. He could have just deleted the posts and thought of a really witty comeback. He could have deleted the posts and put together a little apology. He could have even deleted the posts and acted like they never existed. But he didn’t do any of those.

My first thought was that this was a publicity stunt. I mean, we’ve seen stranger things, right? Most people would at least delete the negative posts, but Mark didn’t. Who knows, maybe he doesn’t know how. Here’s his response
Mark Davidson Twitter Hacked by ghostwriter

So, his “only responsibility” on his personal account is to respond to those who mention him? What about all of that connecting with your people language he tells everyone about – he doesn’t use that?

Use Twitter however you want to use it. If you want to complain, nobody will listen, but you go on ahead and complain. If you want to use it to talk sports or politics or business – go ahead. But please, can we stop telling everyone we’re experts on an ever-evolving platform like social media?


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