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Mark ZuckerbergAs The Social Network counts down to it’s theatrical release next Friday, Mark Zuckerberg’s people have decided the best possible PR would be for Mr. Zuckerberg (Mr? Who am I kidding, he’s younger than I am… ) to donate $100 million to an educational platform called Startup:Education. Perfect timing right? He may have terrible PR skills, but I think this is a great move.

Zuckernerd is an evil genius. He’s worth an estimated $6.9 billion. And, for you aspiring-to-be-savvy business folks, he doesn’t mind stepping on people on his way to the top. He turned down both Microsoft and AOL right out of high school to attend Harvard. Only really smart people and morons do that.

The guy’s also paid out millions to the 4 dudes who said he stole the idea of Facebook from them. Only a genius could say ‘I’m worth $6.9 billion and instead of splitting my wealth of 4 guys, I’ll just pay them a few million to get them off my back.’ It’s hard to imagine he didn’t steal at least part of the idea, knowing he paid these guys that much cash.

As a business-minded dude, I admire Zuckerberg. As someone with morals though, I’m not sure I admire Zuckerberg. What say you?

According to Wired’s awesome article, The Web Is Dead. Long Live The Internet, the web is in decline.

Let me rephrase a little: surfing the web is dead.

When you jump on your iPhone, Droid, Blackberry or iPad you have go-to apps. You check your email, maybe the headlines or scores, Facebook, Twitter or maybe even your blog. At what point did you ‘surf’ the web? You have 5 or 6 applications that bring you all of the information you want.

No browsing necessary.

Which brings me to Facebook.

Facebook just launched their Places app – which will eventually crush FourSquare, Gowalla and any other location based apps because you’re already using Facebook, why would you need FourSquare? Check out the Places promo video below.

Don’t get me wrong, Facebook certainly isn’t the final piece of social media – remember how cool MySpace was? Facebook is becoming one of those go-to apps where you login and all of the info you want is right there.

No browsing needed.

i’ve had several people ask me why i use twitter. why is it that i post where i’m at, what i’m doing, and most importantly, why do i think people care what i’m doing?

first off, i don’t assume ANYONE reads my tweets. if you follow me and you do read them, cool. i don’t twitter so that people think i’m always doing things that they need to hear about. from the beginning, i used twitter as an online journal of sorts. i didn’t have a blog, so this seemed like a cool way to see what my friends (and shaq) were up to while also being able to look back and laugh about what happened 3 weeks ago on a road trip with my buddies.

i also found an instant connection to the community of the church. from praises to prayer requests, i was becoming ‘friends’ with church folk across the country. i also scored tickets to preds games, sold titans tickets and just recently while tara was in texas, she met a twitter friend of mine who is a worship pastor.

the video below is about the revolution of social media. give it a peek – the stats are amazing.

so, are you using twitter or facebook? why or why not?