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2 Hours With A Hero

Posted: April 12, 2010 in life
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Pfc Turk Seelye

I got to spend a few quality hours with a WWII veteran.  A real hero. Pfc Turk Seelye of the 82nd Airborne.

It’s hard for me to imagine our great nation without Cindy Sheehan, Fred Phelps and so many other extremist protesters that make America look terrible. If this country is so terrible, why are they still here? Because we tolerate them.

These groups didn’t exist in 1940. Our nation wasn’t forced to be tolerant of society’s desires.

People seemed to live a life of hard work and ownership. They ended the day when the sun went down and they could hang their hat on their work. They didn’t sue each other. Men ran their families with discipline and love. They stood up for what was right – and volunteered their lives for it.

They simply did the right thing. And they did it well.

Mr. Seelye was kind enough to share his stories of joining the Army, his time in Africa as the U.S. was entering the war (The Great War as he referred to it), invading Italy and overtaking Sicily, and his combat on D-Day.

He would start some stories with a laugh and others with his eyes so big, you felt like you were fighting right along with him in France.

At one point, his wife came in and said “Does he look like a hero?”. His response was the same as so many veterans, “I’m not a hero.”

We could all learn a lesson from these heroes. Humility. Honor. Integrity. Discipline. Just to name a few.

I’ll have detailed stories from Mr. Seelye later – it’s taken me over a week to write this post. After all, how do you pay honor to a guy who nearly lost his life for my freedoms?

Pfc Turk Seelye