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LeBron Heading To Miami

LeBron just announced he’s going to Miami to play with Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh.

While I think that Miami is a better decision than Cleveland, organizationally, I’m a bit skeptical that the three-headed Dream Team Monster will automatically win a title. I won’t be surprised if Miami wins a title (or 3) in the next few years, but I think surrounding 2 great players like the Lakers have done, seems smarter. Spend your money over 6 players instead of 3.

Wait, who else plays for the Heat?

Yeah. Nobody.

I still wish players like Cal Ripken Jr. and Joltin’ Joe DiMaggio were still around. Players that stuck with the teams that drafted them. Players that got to know the city and stayed around after the season. Today it’s all about winning and holding 1-hour specials telling the world where they’re signing.

Stupid free agency.

I miss the old school dudes.

Looks like this will be closest I’ll ever be to LBJ6…



Where's Lebron Going?

It’s been proven several times that there are only 4 of you who read my blog. Of you 4, only Matt Manes will care about this post.

So, Matt, here we go.

Where’s LeBron going?

New York? Miami? New Jersey? Chicago? Cleveland? Brooklyn? Dallas? LA? Free agency starts tonight at midnight and I’m sure LeBron knows where he wants to go, but his camp is keeping quiet.

The thing is, if you own an NBA team and you sign LeBron, you’re getting more than just wins. You’re leading the league in ticket sales, jersey sales, face time of NBA Inside Stuff, and killing the tv and airwaves with talk about your team. The world immediately starts caring about your team.

We’re talking millions of dollars without even playing a game.

Wait, NBA Inside Stuff isn’t on anymore? Dern. I loved Ahmad Rashad.