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August 13, 2005

Posted: August 13, 2012 in life
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Ozark to Nashville

Seven years ago today, Tara and I moved to Nashville.

437 miles away from everything and everyone we’d ever known. To a city we barely knew. Chasing a dream we didn’t know would ever work out.

And now we’ve lived here a quarter of our lives.


The Nashville Flood

Posted: May 5, 2010 in life
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Below is a blog post my friend Jason posted yesterday. Please read it and help out any way that you can.

I love Nashville. I’ve lived here more than half my life… almost 20 years. Not consecutively but total. I first moved to Nashville in the 6th grade and grew up a mile from Opryland and the Opryland Hotel. I got beat up and tried to play football at Two Rivers Jr. High. I got lost and overwhelmed at McGavock High, at the time it was one of the largest high schools around. I’ve lived all over the ‘burbs of Nashville and currently live south in a little town called Thompson’s Station.

On May 1st we knew there were storms coming. We were worried about tornados and severe storms… but nothing prepared anyone for what was going to happen over the next two days. Rain. And more rain. Record breaking rainfall to be exact. I didn’t try to collect pictures of all the damage. There are too many and truthfully that’s not how I want to remember Nashville… because soon Nashville will be as good as new. That’s just how we roll. It’ll take some time but it’ll be back and better.

There has been a lot of change in the past 20 years in Nashville. Broadway, along with 1st & 2nd Avenue were revamped and cleaned up to become one of the coolest spots to hang out, see a concert, watch fireworks, tailgate and just walk around. We got this cool building affectionately called ‘the batman building’, a pro football team, a pro hockey team and eventually recognition for a serious and creative music community known for more than just country music. I’m not bashing country music, it’s part of our history and community still!!!

As cheesy as I may sound, I love this town. I love spending my Sunday’s on the bank of the Cumberland river tailgating and watching the Titans play football. I love watching concerts on Cumberland river and if you haven’t seen a fireworks show during July 4th… well, you should.

I know there is a lot going on in the world these days and I know we all have our own ’causes’ but I’m asking you to take a minute and give to the American Red Cross. A dollar, five, ten? And more importantly… go ahead and plan to come to Nashville this fall. Make plans to come see our awesome city. Call me, I’ll give you the tour and maybe even show you where a few stars live.

Tourism is a big part of Nashville so please make plans to come visit Our Town. If you live her, share this- tell others- let’s help get downtown Nashville and surrounding areas back on their feet.

Here’s a short video that was shot very well and gives you just a glimpse into the devastation that has happened to Our Town.