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New Years Resolutions list

I know that most people hate New Years resolutions.

Sometimes they’re hokey. Sometimes they’re unrealistic. Sometimes you’re just sick of the previous year, so living through the next one is your only goal.

I get that.

Sometimes that 12 month long gym membership you signed up for January 2 but only used 10 times last year cost you dearly. All those salads you ate the first 2 weeks of January 2011 burned you out for the rest of the year.

Sometimes life happens.

Obviously we all see the symbolism in the new year and starting fresh. Last year is over, however awesome or crappy it was, and this year you want to be better than last year. Either less crappy or more awesome.

I read something today that really made me think. It’s nothing new and I probably read something similar last year and the year before that. But here goes.

Why don’t we live every day like it’s New Years?

Why don’t we try to start fresh every single day?

Tara and I put together a small list of our resolutions but these are things that we want to change every day for years. We weren’t looking to create a list of resolutions for 2012. We wanted to create a list of new habits

Here they are:
-Attend church at least 40 Sundays (because each time getting out of the house with a baby is an event bigger than anything we’ve ever planned)
-2 date nights a month (even if it’s just grabbing Little Caesars and going to the park so we can afford a babysitter)
-Read a Bible story to Crosbi every day
-Spend at least 15 minutes a day just talking – no TV, radio or other distractions
-Pay off at least 1 debt and then throw a party to celebrate (even if it’s just Taco Bell and the 3 of us)
-Eat better and sometimes use our 15 minutes of talking time walking/running the neighborhood with Cros in tow.
-See if we can hire someone to solely change diapers (I’m quasi kidding, but quasi not kidding)

I’m sure we’ll come up with more as we mold ourselves to fit these. Geez, we may even lose some of these if they suck.

Do you have any resolutions/habits to follow for 2012 or beyond? Let’s hear them.


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