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Politics always confuses me. I’m always up for a good argument, but it seems like anytime people are arguing over politics, it never ends well. That’s strange to me. It’s not like people can even agree to disagree.

I have a friend from school who is a staunch atheist and we’ve had some deep conversations over social media, but at the end of every conversation, neither of us are uncomfortable. Neither of us hate each other. In fact, I really like this guy. Do we agree on big issues? Nope. We’re not even close most of the time. But I still love the guy and I hope he would say the same thing about me.

One of the things I think is dividing our country is the media. One side spews hate toward the other. The other side spews it back. It’s pretty gross and I wonder if secretly our nation’s enemies are seeing this hatred and smiling. You may not like our president. You may have not liked our previous president. Either way, there’s no need for hatred.

The video below was just posted and is really strange. Hank Williams Jr, who oddly enough, isn’t in the political business at all, compared President Obama to Adolf Hitler. Again, you may not like the president – but would you compare him to Hitler? See where I’m going?

I’m singling out FoxNews here, but watch the clip below and tell me this isn’t hatred.

Maybe I’m the only person who thinks this is weird, so please jump in and tell me what you think.


I am all for second chances. I’m all for better opportunities. I’m all for restarting your life. I’m also for this country being a land full of migrants who come to the U.S. to become citizens who pay taxes and help better our country. I truly believe this is the greatest country on earth and I want others to be able to experience the chances and life that I have as a citizen.

A new law just passed in Arizona that will give law enforcement the ability to arrest and detain illegal immigrants. Arizona currently has 460,000 immigrants – that’s a stack of taxes that the state and country are not collecting. If an American doesn’t pay their taxes, they go to jail – why shouldn’t illegal immigrants be treated the same?

I’ve just seen the reports on this from the surface, but if well over half of the state is in favor of this bill, why would President Obama and many others be calling this bill irresponsible?

Educate me here.