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My 3-year old is obsessed with One Direction.

Knows every word, obsessed. Not even that, though.

She knows which guy is singing which part, obsessed.

So obsessed that we haven’t told her Zayn is no longer in the group.

3-year old fan girl, obsessed.

I’m hearing One Direction so much that I’ve found myself whistling songs at work around other people who’ve asked, “…are you whistling One Direction?” in disbelief.

Here’s my issue. Everyone I share this says the same thing.

“Too bad she can’t like good music.”

Or “Maybe she’ll develop a taste for music later.”

They all have good intentions, it’s not like they’re being malicious. However, we’ve developed this “follow me because I’m cool” culture. It’s not a new thing and we’ve all done it. We have this way of projecting what we like onto others when they don’t feel cool enough to us.

“I’d never wear those shoes.”

“I’d never do that.”

“I’d never vote for that person.”

We’ve stopped celebrating people and their interests and started judging them because they like different things than we do. Let’s allow people like what they want and be happy for them.

Like Crosbi.

Cros, I wouldn’t be listening to your favorite music if you weren’t here. In a few years, I’m sure I’ll be at a dance recital or piano lessons or soccer or whatever it is you’re interested in.

But I’m not worried about what anyone else likes, kiddo. Just you.

I’ll leave you with her favorite song. And I proudly know every word. Because she likes me to sing with her, of course.